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The Runner's Dietitian Approach

I'm not here to teach you how to eat less or shrink your body. No, I'm here to help you finally make peace with food, learn how to fuel your body for both health and performance, and maybe even crush your next PR.

In working together, we'll dive deep into your limiting beliefs surrounding food so that you can free up all that mental space taken up by thoughts about food and body image.


We'll strategize together to set you up for success not only in your training, but also in your day to day life. 

Ellen Landes





B.S. Nutrition & Dietetics

University of Wisconsin-Madison

M.S. Nutrition

Boston University

Dietetic Internship

Viterbo University

Ellen Landes

Get to Know Me

I specialize in helping runners optimize their performance and overall well-being through a realistic approach to nutrition. I'm a registered dietitian and a certified personal trainer, bringing a comprehensive understanding of both exercise science and dietary principles to my practice.

Additionally, I serve as a nutrition instructor at a local university, where I have the pleasure of educating future professionals in the healthcare field. I also contribute as a health and wellness writer, providing evidence-based insights and practical tips to a wider audience.

My expertise lies in guiding runners to establish a healthy relationship with food, ensuring they nourish their bodies optimally for enhanced performance and recovery. I empower my clients to make informed choices, develop sustainable habits, and achieve their running goals.


Outside of all that fancy stuff though, I'm an avid runner myself and enjoy throwing in some yoga too when I can. I also love to sit down with a good book, indulge in addicting reality TV, and soak up as much time as possible my husband and 2 kids.

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"My history is pretty common - it was the same cycle, I was overly restrictive and then binged on unhealthy foods. It wasn’t sustainable so it never worked. Then I started using a simple guide designed by Ellen. Instead of the restrictive approach (which I thought was the key to healthy eating), she focused on items what I should be incorporating into every meal. I shifted the focus off of all the stuff I should avoid, and started thinking about what I need to include. I am so happy I made these changes!" 

Emily M., Atlanta, GA

"If you are a yo-yo dieter, bound or trapped by food, or feel like you are doing all you can but are stuck in a rut, contact Ellen--she's knowledgable, patient, & just plain awesome!"

Rebecca R., Greenville, TX

When I started working with Ellen she spent time getting to know me and my eating habits.  She reviewed what a typical day for me looks like including what time I get up, when and what I usually eat etc. She was not judgmental at all, which was a big relief.  She just listened to me and my concerns before giving me any advice. She prepared a tailored plan for me based on my dietary restrictions as well as likes and dislikes. She is extremely personable, kind, but tough when you need her to be. I could not be happier with her support!"

 Liz C., Pretoria, South Africa

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