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Hi! I'm Ellen, registered dietitian for runners, and I want to help you overcome restricted thoughts around food and learn to fuel your body for health and performance. I don't believe in cutting out foods (unless you don't like them, of course) and I believe that any food can be a part of fueling for running. In working with me, you'll learn how to fuel your body in a way that works and feels good for YOU so that you can stop stressing about food and get busy chasing that next PR.

Ellen Landes

"Working with Ellen has been a dream come true. I've tried many diets and healthy meal plans unsuccessfully in the past, but since working with Ellen I'm finally feeling full of energy and seeing results. She not only motivates me, but holds me accountable. Ellen is just what I needed to help me become my best self." - Beth R., Chicago, IL

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"Ellen definitely knows what she’s doing and has a way of conveying her knowledge to others to create the perfect formula for both eating nutritionally and feeling better overall.  I recommend Ellen to anyone who wants strong, sage advice and positive reinforcement!"  J.O., Peoria, IL


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